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PlayTrue Play Free is a website dedicated to the free to play gaming genre, giveaways related to the gaming community and the  updates or information related to them.

After sinking enormous amount of time & money in gaming, i discovered the true passion and dedication invested by the developers into there free to play games but, that potential need a little support and push to shine and this website is a small effort to show some support.

Here you can find some popular ongoing free to play games available on steam store that can be experienced for free and get almost everything in-game for free.

Dota 2

Dota 2 is a free to play MOBA (Multiplayer battle arena) game. It played on a map divided between two teams (dire and radiant) with five players in each.


Warframe is a third-person looter-shooter with one of the best free to play in game economy. in warframe Players control a bio-mechanical armored suit with 4 unique abilities to fight different types of enemies from the available four factions.

Counter-strike : Global offensive

Counter-Strike: Global offensive is the HD version of the counter-strike and the fourth installment in the series. Player can join one of the two team (Terrorists or counter-terrorists) in different types of available modes.

Path of exile

Path of Exile is an online Role playing looter game with a unique story-line, tones of mission, side quests, a very complex skill tree and deep character customization.


Paladins: Champions of the Realm is a free to play online first person hero shooter, in which player can choose a character and deeply customize it with skill based card system.

Team Fortress 2

If you guys like hero shooter then, team fortress 2 is like that, well something like that..

Popular free to play non-steam games

These are some free to play games that you cannot find on steam store but can be downloaded from there official sites or other stores.


Fortnite is a 10 players battle royale game, player can play with a squad, duo or solo. Players are drooped from a fun bus in a giant map, in which they have to survive by collecting resources and eliminating other players.


Ironsight is like a free to play call of duty with good old style gun play. in ironsight player can choose one of the available team NAF or EDEN and use any in-game available weapons and cosmetics.

Total war arena

Total war arena is the first free to play total war game, in which player controls a small units of army in a multiplayer match with other players to fight against opponent team.

Browser-based games

If you don’t like downloading or installing games and want to pay games for few minutes then browser based games are best for you.

IF you guys don’t like to download and install the game or just simply wanna spend little time in a short break, then is a realy good game for you. Its an online FPS browser based game with min-craft like graphics. 

Popular in free to play

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Setup for safe gaming

If you are new in gaming and looking for some tools like recording and streaming or just wanna purchase a game from a trusted online store then here are few trusted softwares and stores that you can try.

Discord for Gamers

Discord is a free software designed for gamers and gaming community for texting, and voice chat using VoIP. It is a must have app for gamers.

Steam store

Steam is a popular online gaming store that can provide various types of games and softwares from all over the world at one place. 

Epic store

Epic store is a  new online gaming store operated by Epic games. Right-now there are few games but this store is growing fast everyday, and they giveaway a premium game for free on every second week.

OBS studio for gamers

OBS is a free and open-source software which you can use for recording and live streaming, real-time source and device capture, scene composition, encoding, recording, and broadcasting.

Giveaways and discounts related websites

There are few trusted likes to the websites that can provide giveaways & discounts on games or game related content such as DLCs or new in game bundle.

Humble Bundle, Inc. is an online gamer store, which provide some real heavy discounts on game and game bundles while providing charity to the people who are in need from a small percentage of the game price, sometimes they giveaways games for free.

Reddit is a well known community website, there are different types of communities and there is a community for sharing free games giveaway links. Users from all over the world join submit giveaway all the time, its a really good place if you are looking for  games giveaways link sharing group. is a website that collect diffrent games related giveaways from all over the internet and post it on there website, well u may have to face some adds but there giveaways works for sure and if you want you can join there steam group.

Fortnite on Pc and Mobile

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