Acolytes in warframe

Acolytes in warframe

Acolytes event is back in warframe and many of you must be wondering “what is this acolytes event and what I need to do” well, Acolytes are very similar to the Stalker in appearance (helmet and color) but with different warframe and abilities.
So, every year a group of acolytes appears, they come one by one every day and have a fixed global HP very similar to Fomorian or Razorback event.
To defeat an acolyte you have to locate which planet and node they are on before you can attack them. Once located by anyone in the game then, you can do a mission on that location to fight an acolyte but you have to find the room in which acolyte is hiding, once located the acolyte will appear just like the stalker with lights flickering and the warning in a strange voice.
There are six types of acolytes


Angst looks like valkyr warframe with an immortal skin and stalker’s helmet.
Angst can drop mods like Body count, Repeater clip, Pressurized magazine, and spring-loaded chamber.


Malice looks like a frost prime warframe with stalker helmet on his head.
he can drop one of these mods Narrow barrel, guided ordnance, Focused defense, targeting subsystem.


Mania uses the Loki warframe with immortal skin and stalker’s helmet
He can drop Nano-applicator, Weeping wounds, Catalyzer link, Embedded catalyzer.


Torment is similar in appearance and abilities as mesa with immortal skin and stalker’s helmet.
torment can drop Blod rush, Argon scope, Hydraulic crosshairs, Lazer sights.


Violence uses a limbo warframe with stalker helmet on his head instead of his hat.
He can drop Blade rounds, Maiming strike, Sharpened bullets, Sharpnel shots.


Misery has a frame like nekros with immortal skin on him and stalker’s helmet.
he can drop all of these mods mentioned above.

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