Argo need more players

Argo need more players

Argo is a first-person shooter similar to ARMA 3 developed by Bohemia inactive as a test project and made it available to the public as early access in 2016 for free.

Argo was ignored by gamers due to its game breaking bugs but, even after fixing most of those bugs, Argo failed to attract the gamers maybe because of poor publicity. Official servers have been taken down by the company in 2018, the game is running of the custom servers with a very low population because no one knows about the game exist. Currently, it is available for free on steam if you want to try Arma 3 like experience for free, you can try this game.

In Argo player can choose from 4 different game scenarios, which differ in gameplay, size, playable area, and objectives.


link is focused on fast phase gameplay and team communication.
In link both team fight for capturing and holding points to connect nodes in a pre-defined order.


Raid is Focused on a medium phase tactical gameplay 5 vs 5.
In the raid, players have to either defend a certain point from the enemy team or capture it.


Cash is focused on slow phase gameplay on a large map.
In which, players have to capture a certain location to unlock the next node to capture like link but on a large map.

Combat patrol

Combat petrol is a PvE mode in which a player can play with a group of other players to do procedurally generated tasks against A.I. enemies across the island

Visit steam page.

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