Safe gaming setup for newbie gamers

Safe gaming setup for newbie gamers

So, you are ready with your new gaming pc to start playing some cool games and making new friends but, you have no idea where to start?

It’s alright after reading this blog you will find games, giveaways, discounts on games, Join communities, record and stream games, Find the best reviews and news related to the latest games,

# Avoid pirated games, scam sites, and fake advertisements.

First and the most important thing is to stay safe, The most common mistake made by pc gamers is downloading pirated games, Pirated games are mostly infected with pc wrecking viruses that can degrade your pc performance and harmful malware that can steal your personal information such as credit card and bank details.

The second thing that we need to avoid is scam sites and fake advertisements. Scam sites are the website that claims to crack paid game’s digital key, sell hacks or sell in-game items or in-game premium currency on the very low price. These websites and advertisements are not associated with any games or developers, using these kinds of software can lead to the permanent ban from the game, game stores and you can lose a lot of money because their software mostly contains malware that can track your online activity, steal your personal information or can flood your email with spam messages.

# Where to find games?

The best way to get any game is through a registered digital online game store.

The most popular and consumer-friendly online game stores are Steam and epic store.

You can find latest to the most popular games on these stores without any effort or risk.

Steam is the oldest store trusted by Gamers, you can find thousands of games and their reviews and the performance of that game in the market on steam.

The epic store is the new online digital game store launched in December 2018, it contains fewer games right now but it is growing fast, it is the direct competitor to the steam because of being developer-friendly and also can get 1 free game every week from the epic store for whole 2019.

# Where to find discounts and giveaways

Well, if you are low on budget and bored of playing free to play games or looking to buy a game on low price then you might want to try to wait for steam weekend deals or visit the

Humblebundle provide some really great deals on games for its subscribers,

They also do a monthly giveaway.

For more giveaways, you can join free games subreddit on Reddit or visit I post available giveaways hosted by game developers and game stores.

# Where to find a gaming community or groups?

Yes, you can add friend and join groups in the game but you cannot stay in touch with your friends if, you are not playing that same game and it is really hard to manage friend list in-games.

The solution to this problem is the discord, Discord is the free online voice, video and text chat application that can help you to make some cool friends, join new communities, nowadays discord is a must have application for your pc and android, it also provides a game store within discord.

# How to record and stream gameplay

Obs Studio

Well, now you are playing your game with your friends and want to record or stream your gameplay on YouTube or twitch and looking for good free software that can do both recording and streaming without compromising the quality. For that, the best software is OBS studio it’s easy and free, you can find hundreds of tutorial for OBS studio on YouTube without any effort and it is very easy to install and use.

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