If you are new to the planetside 2 and you are feeling lost in this huge game then try my "Guide for newbies to survive planetside 2"

  1. First thing first, choose your favorite class after testing them all in VR training because you should use that one class until you discovered everything, every role about that class.
  2. Use 1x zoom scope on your weapons, its easier to aim.
  3. If you are using a sniper use default scope.
  4. Equip available implants for your character, these implants are very important, but since you are new you have only 2 of them, so equip what you have.
  5. Don’t buy any gun until battle rank 30; you start with the best weapons, use certs on your ability and weapon attachments.
  6. Always play with a big platoon or a squad. Press “P” to open available squads menu and select the most populated squad from the list.
  7. From the first day you are going to face most experienced players in the game it’s going to be like level 100 player Vs level 1 player so, always keep in mind that you are going to die a lot.
  8. Learn to read the map. Map is one of the most important things in planetside 2. You can expand the map by pressing the default key “H” or open the full map by pressing “M”.
  9. Take cover before shooting and try to make every engagement 1 Vs 1.
  10. You are in a big battle or in a small that doesn’t matter, you should never stand still in this game always keep moving because you can get shot from any direction.