Planetside 2 is still fun.

Planetside 2 is a sequel of 2003’s Planetside, released in 2012 as a free to play, MMO, FPS game by Sony Online Entertainment(Now daybreak games).
Planetside 2 is all about large scale battles, up to 2000 players per map, the map is kinda huge like really huge!! in which players can choose from available six classes that can be changed anytime in the game by a weapon terminal or sunderer ( a deployable vehicle) and players can use Air/land vehicles in battles.
When the game was released in 2012 it was a unique experience, Huge battles, tanks, air combat, different types of classes, all of this in one huge game and the graphics were beautiful but, It was so hard to run this game without a good pc. The system requirement of the game was the main concern for many people because in a competitive game like this you need to have better frames per second to be able to utilize your aiming and moving skills for maximum performance.
And the in-game monetization was badly implanted, a lot of weapons were similar in looks, sound, and feel! there was no difference in the appearance other than stats and it cost 5 dollars to buy a single weapon or takes forever to grind.
Some of the issues were the connection related, because of the high number of people being in a single map were increasing server latency (which is still not that great).
The game was heavily affected by the company management after Sony announced that Sony Online Entertainment had been sold to an investment company and renamed it to the Daybreak Game Company.
After that major change in the company, many employees those were heavily related to the Planetside franchise left the company.
The in-game population is very low but, if you play in the day time when most of the remaining player base is online you can still find a decent battle.

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