Spacelords need some help

Spacelords is a relaunched version of 2017’s Raiders of the broken planet with a free to play game model by the developer MercurySteam.
It’s a weird but good sci-fi, futuristic hero shooter with PvE and PvP modes with the high-quality graphics game.
In 2017 the game was launched as a “Raiders of the broken planet” with a pay to play model. But, the game failed to keep the players because of weird in-game UI, matchmaking sytem and character creation capabilities.

The game was relaunched in 2018 as a free to play game with a new name “Sacelords” and many of those problems have been solved but, still, the game is struggling to retain the number of players in the game because, the competitors like warframe, destiny and now anthem are domination the market.
Spacelords is a good game, it has the potential to be a great game, developers just need some community support and suggestions.

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