Digital Extreem’s 2019 plans for warframe

Digital Extreem’s 2019 plans for warframe

Warframe is well known for its transparency and constant updates by its developers Digital Extreme, On devstream 122 warframe creative director Steve sinclair shared there plan for warframe’s 2019 update roadmap.

New warframes

There are 3 upcoming warframes in 2019, two of them were revealed by screen shot.

Deck 12 exploiter

This is gonna be an event that can be viewed as a valise expansion which includes some LOR related to the game story and a boss fight.

Gas city

Steve talked about ongoing work about Gas city which is called amalgams
with a new game mode, new enemy types, new reward structure, and some story.

Wolf of Saturn

This is a complete transformation of how alerts and challenges work in the game, This new alerts system will include daily and weekly challenges with a new enemy villain character and an animated webcomic in-game itself about that character.

New war

The new war is the new cinematic quest of the year which it will add more story in game about sentient and lotus.

Warframe empyrean ( railjack)

Warframe empyrean is the new name for the railjack, Steve said that it is not going to be like a quest for venus, it can be played on every location on the solar map that we have now and beyond, It is going to be a whole new way of playing warframe which include Ships to build, research, upgrade, specialized and customize to go on mission with your squad all over the place.

Steve also mentioned that they are rebuilding all the capital ships and adding fighter classes for all the faction in the game, for making much bigger and systematic space combat in warframe which will not include in this year updates.

Planes of Duvari

Planes of duvari is going to be released in the fall of 2019 which, will include a new enemy faction which is connected to a big story in the warframe.


There is many ongoing as well as upcoming reworks such as
# Melee rework
# Difficulty rework
# New player experience rework
# Prime trailer rework
# Raids

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